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bptz203 says:

Yo,that music is fucking annoying.

poobie25 says:

max b is by far 1 of the dumbest niggas I’ve seen.
1. he’s a hip hop artist why is his girl a prostitute
2. he’s a hip hop artist why is he still trying to rob people.
3.he’s a hip hop artist why is he trying to rob someone for 30,000.
And know he got 75 yrs. and he’s going to prison as a small guy.

poobie25 says:

@carlos2pinokio bro you know he did it, cause that’s how stupid people think, he aint got know business thinking about no robbery, he should be in the studio making music.

rockdiga says:

You guys gotta understand max b did that shit Pre wavey..Pre Wave gang..Pre Gain Green Pre Montanas wave getting going. He pulled that move before the money was coming that he got his wave looks goofy him doing that shit..But Before he wasnt making paper because..The Red Nose Raindeer..Jimmy Jones wasnt paying him any fucking money. Thats real talk when your hungry and you a street nigga you do street shit..he bout to dodge This case

two187pac says:

@rockdiga max is dodgeing this case? since when.

two187pac says:

@carlos2pinokio that aint true

djrickyv101 says:

new mixtape on datpiff called the b.o.m.b

kspr06 says:

max b

@AFRICANMUSLIM1 musta been broke coz i doubt jimmy paid him lol.

baarich says:

my bad but i’m lost did this dumb mother fuckeeer rob someone or was that just BS
and someone said that it had happened before his record deal I don’t think you were listening the reporter said he was a rapper @ 2:o7.
Oh Yea I hpoe someone takes his booty hole in jail dumb mother fuckeeer

carlos2pinokio says:

for states the robbery happen when here just came out here had no money here had nothing and jim jones didnt pay him properly here didnt kill the man here step brother did here only mater minded the robbery

hotnikz10 says:

wow made me think different bout max b i thgt he was gettin moneyyyyyy onli a roleyyy he thinkin bout it now him n his girl look broke n she was a prostitute….lls

dasniper5 says:


dasniper5 says:

these niccas aint gangsta . if i was rappin and jimmy didnt want to pay i would have kidnapped that ass! Same goes for Baby, wuz up wit dez greedy azz niccas not wantin to beak bread

1flame1 says:

LmAo….Max B. is short 4 Maximum Broke. u aint shit Max B.or should i say Charly Wingate?.. Jim Jones own u Charly..

blacksultan85 says:

did he do it?i never heard he had a gun i heard his accomplice had the gun that’s what i heard!

gangshit32 says:

illumanti shit in da corner

harlemkiddyadig114 says:


kerbz108 says:

allll ya’ll niqqa is bitches dnt direspect this niqqa max b i kno he ai’nt out there but dnt sleep on this niqqa he the shit r.t fuck all the haters on max b FREEEEEEE MAX B THE WAVE MAN..!

peaceloveANDnikes says:

$30,000? wtf was max b gonna do with that, lmao.

ceazadadon says:


TheMaxBMovement says:

To all true Max B fans, if you’re interested in writing Max B or donating money send me a message. This is the official Max b youtube channel (my account). If you do not believe go to my page and listen to the new exclusive interview where he will tell you himself (over the phone) this is his new channel. Be sure to subscribe. Full interviews and Messages from max coming soon…Once again subscribe and be on the look out for max b’s official new website. MAX B IS COMING HOME!

OSJ says:

money is only material my friend , you cannot buy

tpackmoet says:

@1flame1 shut the ufck up n get lil jimmy out ur mouth…itz the WAVE bitchez

NeekydaImbecile says:

max b

max b deserves life so wat he can make a hook he was brought the dude with gun

OlinjaTheNinja says:

max gots 10 years i thought?

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