Willie D ft. Scarface, Propain, D Boi – “Hoodiez”

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Willie D and Scarface of the legendary group Geto Boys join forces with Propain and D Boi for “Hoodiez”, a dedication to Trayvon Martin

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FrankLucasH2O says:


MrExplicitMusicVideo says:

Rap and Street Education

This is by far the best tribute song / Music Video that I have heard and Seen Yet, I sure hope that they are pushing this song royalty free or partial donations going to trayvon’s family or other youth / victims of crime.. peace @withoutseeds great upload !

traystevens says:

this song is fire, Gonna Subscribe to Willie D now, Cheers on the upload.

cindymarconi says:

poor+child%2C+i+sure+hope+that+bastard+gets+what+is+deserved+to+him+in+jail. +RIP+Trayvon+%21%21%EF%BB%BF

findmeoncraigslist says:

Rush Limbaugh eat the pickle

RuRu887 says:

I%EF%BB%BF+did niet +know+Justin+Beiber+rapped.

jeepjeep1983 says:

typical ignorant shit….. that should have been al sharptons ass

igorealhard1 says:

Hell+fuc+yea. .r.i.p+travon+dis+sum+gud%EF%BB%BF+shit. .gud+fucking+song..2+thumbs+up+bra. .i+bet+his+ass+not+sterotypin+dem+dudes+da+jail. .fuckin+fagget.

igorealhard1 says:

Added+to+my+fav+too. %EF%BB%BF

hueypnewton617 says:

Zimmerman should die

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