AZ – Moving

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AmatureVets says:

I’m too ahead of my time to be a has been…AZ

Marvel Greenthumb says:

AZ the dopest

MrJAGDC says:

“If She Can Tell It’s Louie Then I Can Scoop Her”! #StatikNSosa

bigjust456 says:

Fast Lane Street Credentials-


TheExclusiveOne720 says:

ya know why legends like AZ never get their props…cuz ya go out and try to compare the garbage rappers today with legends, 95% of the artists out today is SUPER TRASH

MegaManZeroV1 says:

Rap and Street Education

AZ holdin’ it down as always.

Mad fly ass chicks in this video too.

aesopk says:

Im a huge AZ fan and love all his work but I gotta say it… if ur putting out a sequel to a classic album like Do Or Die you gotta come with a better single and video than this.. Song is still dope but I wanna see him do well rather than just slip under the radar with a mediocre(for him)single.

pmackization says:

Sosa! Az the god! Welcome back homie! Real hip hop is back!

houseofchampions12 says:

Peace king you did it again

mrroyalblast says:

i alwayz liked AZ its been awhile since i heard something from az sounds pretty good tho !!

kmerf says:

The best sequel hopefully az can come with classic but your right doe or die was sick.

bundlesnucca says:

Salute to the GOD AZ much respect doe or die 2 is going to be classic!!!!!

2pacinseattle says:

Nah…….. AZ has to be one of the top 2 rappers alive, Nas being the other.

How does he flow like this? so fluid and effortless.

Top 5 all time, it’s a crime how underrated he is, especially these days, when the genre of rap is essentially dead.

MindBenderEnt1 says:

This song is a CLASSIC!!!!!!

Obi Patrick says:

One of the greatest to ever do it, can’t wait for Doe or Die II. It’s a shame to see him go.

thefatalveli1 says:

bro don’t you know Az’s track (video Clips) he wear white fur coat, i don’t remember name of the song… i can’t find it is about 2011 year track…

Sean Craig says:

This is hot!!!!!! omg


im actually gunna buy this cd

Tee Vee says:

One of the dopest and most UNDERRATED rappers of ALL TIME. He’s next to Nas’ caliber of rap abilities. Its just a shame he wasn’t recognized like Nas was. The real hip hop heads know tho…

thefatalveli1 says:

Az and Cormega

reem215 says:

This that grown man music rite here, no kids allowed.

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