Jose Guapo – Fck The Rap Game

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RealJoseGuapo asked:

Rap and Street Education

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YHmusicgroup1 says:

Rap and Street Education

Guapo stay goin inn

StarliteENT says:

Fuck da rap game!!! i shitted on my teachers & rolled roycess!!! i fucks wit it youtube my video Shane Mac x WeSs B-Jawbreakers #Salute!!!

Michael Smith says:

My nigga guapo

Gerald Floyd says:

This Nigga underated

Paul Walker says:


Paul Walker says:

Milwaukee fcks wit em! 414

davisdesiree says:

I got clearwater florida aka wick city fuck with jose guapo and xvl mob

Halfnut James says:

Turn up!

478SouthSideWarTown says:

Oh My Lawd ! Shxt Hamilton #SouthSide Kooley Sanchez Checking In

kidd coolin says:

dis dat gas, chyt fyye as fucc

Pho Pho Gutta says:

Fast Lane Street Credentials-

whatup doe ??imma 21 yr old rap artist from Detroit
make sure ya’ll checkout my channel
I got music for the ladies and fellas
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TheMGE21 says:

jose guapo you going in this shit hard as fuck a lot of respect for ya bruh keep grinding fuck the rap game!

xavier412d says:

Shit is trash…eat a Dick and die Faggit and stop fucking hip hop up pussy

Isaiah Stephens says:

Guap the truth like Forreal tho much respect

Speed Allen says:

Yoooooo my dude killed this eh

Juno Music says:

Jose Guapo – Fck The Rap Game

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Streetz CultureTV says:


Ryan Mills says:

Pour up pour up our drinks dirty

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