Lil Marc On Facetime With Lil Reese

Kollege Kidd asked:

Lil Marc – No Competition (OTF Diss) #RIPLilMarc

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    Ace Boogie says:

    051k lil Marc got the tooka special it suck cuz took his blood bro 

    REMO phillips says:


    MIA ARAB says:

    The end stay out here boy lol reese is crazy though.

    Crank Ent says:

    Im Confused Is These Niggas Cool, Or Is Dey Sort Arguing / Dissing Each
    Other, PLEASE RESPOND!!!

    cokewave29 says:

    Who is Lil Marc ?

    Damian Chafe says:

    Damn rip

    POBGANG v-walk says:

    mans be like RIP but if lil marc saw you in his hood he would probably rob
    your ass boi if you aint the manz nigga dont say shit 

    krms101 says:

    Look at reese face….u can tell that nigga had niggas on lil Marc
    head…he just smiling thinking…u don’t even know what’s coming for

    Kollege Kidd says:

    Read FULL Story Here: 

    George Silundika says:

    its funny all the opps 300 have die after having a recorded confrontation
    with lil reese

    toipee says:

    RIP Lil Marc Zekoworld Fatz Gang

    southside ques says:

    I found it weird after people talk to Reese they get killed. I don’t live
    in Chicago but the way shit lookin Reese got killers on speed dial.

    cokewave29 says:

    Rap and Street Education

    Reese Crazy Ass Lookin Like The Purple Devil Emoji

    Tava Boii says:

    bro got shot at the bus stop

    Damian Chafe says:

    Did Marc killed for Revenge on LA?

    phil crenshaw says:

    on some real shit resse aint had nothing to do wit it just like lil jojo it
    look like they alll was friends

    BossMentalityJ says:

    600 supa pissed now ighht rip marc

    Tariq Sollers says:

    First rapper dead
    in Chicago 2014 what a shame 

    yungg D says:

    you can’t trust none of these Chicago rapperz… a lot of them is 2 faced,
    ask LA

    LightSkinned KeithSweat says:

    what yall on? Die Y shit. lollll

    POBGANG v-walk says:

    that would be fucked up if mans from all around that werent connected to
    the disciples come and start calling mans in chi 

    Steezy Beats says:

    Lil Marc – No Competition (OTF Diss) #RIPLilMarc

    Lol Lil Reese face timing the opps.

    swaveey Reat says:

    They took La so they gotta pay . First zeko ,Fathead now lil marc damn

    krms101 says:

    I’m laughing at niggas sayin gds did it….y’all must be FFUCKING
    SLOW….tooka (Marc blood brother) was a GD…tf ahahah STL ebt (his
    niggas) mostly gds…bds did it ..no question…

    ZZZKLLL says:

    Reese look like he put money on that nigga head..

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