Irregular Heartbeat – 50 Cent ft. Jadakiss, Kidd Kidd

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50CentVEVO asked:

Rap and Street Education

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Ronny Delgado says:

Jadakiss bodied this

HealzKoronis says:

Shoulda have put Banks on this…

UndgrdCustomCruisers says:


Michael James says:

I feel like he almost said something relevant

Stezzy G says:

Fif go tooooooo hard for these niggas……..

krevoatx says:

Fast Lane Street Credentials-Rap and Street Education

You bark what we bite around here! Straight fire!

kurt pullen says:

Where is the good production, good chorus and good emphasis nowadays with
50?! FFF SAKE!!!

dimitris bright says:

I’m sorry but kidd kidd is just not good at all and his flow just didn’t
match the production. What’s even worse is that Lloyd Banks would have been
perfect for this song because of his laid back, quiet and gritty flow that
Banks naturally has

fino rey says:

Fast Lane Street Credentials-

If you quit kidd and put banks. Damn

jgyrwa says:

Dis shit hot FIFTH!

farecom shady says:

*i was bout to sleep on fifty but this track…

omar capellan says:

Fast Lane Street Credentials-Rap and Street Education

50 is trying to hard to force Kidd Kidd on us, I like all the songs and I’m
for sure buying the album, but he has to calm down with Kidd Kidd, we going
to end up hating the kid 

Lucian Accan says:


larbi KL says:

jadakiss is in this song ?? O.o 

Anderson West says:

50 you have changed alot of your style music … but still good

Wayne Rhodes says:

Did they make this beat on a 1993 casio keyboard ??? WTF

LittleKhadafrik says:

Banks and yayo were in french guyana for show, after long years dissing all
new york mc’s now 50 diss his crew wtf?? we all want a g unit reunion
without game!

Brandon Peters says:

50 stuck out like a soar thumb in this song. Etheir 50 was incredibly lazy
making this beat or he just wanted quick cash because this song was done
fast and lazy like 

Tracy McGrady says:

This record is FIRE and every song he has released has been dope. But
having Kidd Kidd on 3 songs on his album is too much. I know Animal
Ambition is just a preview for SKI, but still. Kidd Kidd is good and has
potential but its too much. To get on a 50 Cent album you should need some
established hit records which Kidd Kidd doesn’t have yet. I hope Banks and
Yayo figure it out then maybe we can get a G-Unit remix of a few of these
songs. Either way this album is ill


Real by flow real rap 

crazyAsF**k says:

fucking hell come on finally a hip hop song without that fucking trap
influenced beat that every song has now soooo smooth and chill 

rODIUM says:

Fiddy should put all of these into the iTUNES store

Bay Tay says:

It’s only one reason why I like this song…. KISS BABY…..DdddBLOCK

J2013 says:

Twisted feat Mr Probz. Next week another hit

Elizabeth Escalante says:

50 Tuesdays (:
I’d rather get caught with it than get caught without that.

who the rass is kid kidd???
(rhetorical question)

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