20/20 Report Hip-Hop Special (1981) – Part 2

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Hood Hype asked:

Part 2 – An Interesting report about the rise of rap music in the early 80’s Shouts to Rapradar

20/20 Report Hip-Hop Special (1981) – Part 1

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level242 says:


chinito77 says:

The portable beatbox…funny how we believed that.

Azizip17 says:

Fast Lane Street Credentials-Rap and Street Education

Thanks for sharing this video! I hope that this is shown in schools
throughout the world. Here’s one important correction of the statement that
was made at 5:18 of this video that “there’s nothin but White folks in
Poland, and South America, and in Europe”. Besides the fact that Poland is
part of Europe, it should be noted that back then & now there’ were & are
Black people & other People of Color in South America, Poland & in other
European nations. -an African American sista

Michael says:

Hip-hop/rap in 1981! When disco was dying, a new music form took its’
place. It’s replacing rock as the #1 genre of music in most of the world.
Back then, it was controversial due to still evident forms of racism,
classism & generational gaps. But its part of the African-American
tradition of their own music: like rock before, evolved among them, then
crosses every cultural barrier to become the mainstream form of American
pop music. Rap/hip-hop described the urban black or Latino experience. +

Hooked on Chronics says:

thats why hip hop is cool, DJs are just as important as MCs in the culture.

ringer33221 says:

4:52 – This guy is responsible for half the stuff you see on Youtube today.

irie1tes says:

Great Story! Hugh Downs is so down.

liferasta1 says:

“not everyone can sing but anyone can rap” not sure about that, well rap
but not be much good at it maybe, as the many ‘rappers’ around today will

tkodahawk says:

I had a sigh of relief seeing this after 28 years. i was 11 when this came
on and watched it with my mother, and she hated it, and said unfortunately
its goin to become big.

Reece Selasi says:

History lesson

cbaldwinjr says:

Leo O’Brien…yep! Good eye.

Gavin Griswold says:

5:37 is what i watch when im sad.

Hooked on Chronics says:

Rap does let people that can’t sing have a voice but not anyone can rap,
that’s a lie. You have to be a good writer, have a story to tell, have a
good flow, and be clever.

mraims2plez says:

The biz leaving him then thats somebody that can rap ie rev run.
The biz instead of the biz leaving him then thats somebody that can make rap anyone can make rap anyone can rap song she couldnt rap those who sustain are.
The biz instead of the biz leaving him then thats somebody that can rap ie rev run.

wingchundragon says:

WOW…the good old days…before rap became ignorant and coonish!

Joe402 says:

“Rap is likely to influence popular music for years to come.” Yeah no
kidding lol

cagool2fray says:

cool !! respect !!

gotflava1 says:

For years to be here for years to be here for years to come but decades.

ozulu45 says:

Rap and Street Education

i didnt think rap music would take over everything and destroy r&b,funk,
and soul music completely!

Jeff Tompas says:

Check out 1:31 and find Kid Rocks Bawitda intro
… But ABC reported on rap 8yrs b4 MTV made yo! MTV raps… Hmmm..
20/20 Report Hip-Hop Special (1981) – Part 2:

squattystx says:

and now black people don’t play instruments like they used to anymore…

Douchy McDouche says:

the closing words of this report say it all: “not everyone can sing, but
anyone can rap.” this is a perfect description of how talentless rap music
is. and don’t get me started on subject matter. rappers used to rap about
social issues with some meaning behind the lyrics, now it’s all about hos,
money and pretending to be gangsta. fuck rap and hip-hop.

kdot512 says:

Notice how he refers to the ‘satirists’ at 4:58 ?
And then, you may also notice that the subject matter and what the “Preppy
Rapper” is saying, is pretty much synonymous with the Rap shit you hear on
the radio these days.
To me, this is a hilarious demonstration of the fact that Pop Rap has
become a joke. Real Hip-Hop lives underground. All the nice cars and fancy
homes shit is a complete joke, just people got caught up in the BS culture
and started buying into this nonsense.

AQGOAT24 says:

This was really well done. Much more objective compared to what you see on
Fox News. 

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