Young Buck Feat. 50 Cent & Tony Yayo – Bring My Bottles

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BringTheFame asked:

Director – Elf Rivera & 50 Cent DP – Mikko Timonen Production – ERG.

Fast Lane Street Credentials-

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Deonte Givens says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Michał Neryng says:

G unit is the Best 

gonca akyay says:

Ouuuuvv so sl]Ouuuuvv so seductive.

kserfea says:

huuuummmm Cardiak shit !!!

Dels George says:

Real hip hop about time 50 cent young buck GGGGGUnit

ronald516 says:

I fux with it. Didnt know Buck was loccin tho’

nouari69 says:

the ggg unit is back motherfucker !

MARTY says:

Shout out to g uint MOTHER FUCKA

iluvfootball10 says:

Craaazzyy the unit back!!!!!

Shaun Das says:

where is the uncensored version?

Aymen Kadioui says:

What is the price of the Effen Bottle in store not the Club :D?

raymond carter says:

Young buck hardest in G unit hands down!

kurt pullen says:

Loving having g unit back with songs like this.
Banks kidd kidd & buck are the slickest

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