Damon Dash: Dealing With Liars In Business

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Kenyatta of Hip Hop Motivation talks to Dame Dash about how he handles liars in business. Music by Frost BEATS

Damon Dash

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Raymond Salgado says:

dame looking mad skinny but like Al sharpton skinny

Sheldon JohnstonSr says:

im tired of yelling at stupid ppl

caspa thegreat1 says:

tell dame call me I'm trying get my money from these insurance companies wells fargo dealers they tryna steal my money and not give me my property i have recipts email me grindhardworkmoreent@gmail.com

M R says:


Philmore24p says:

Dame is an asset in anyones corner. 💯, one of the best to ever do it.

huddy combs says:

Don't let this video hide the fact that that BIGGIE PAINTING IS A BADDD MF!!

MC CABE says:

Yo, I love your Videos Dame and Kenyatta good work! But your outros are damn too long, 5 mins?? Nobody watching that twice

Hakeem Hinton says:

what the hell is this interviewer talking about….
he all the way left…

Erica Spence says:

isnt kenyatta a girl name. SMMFH. god damn these men know are worse kind of all. havinf a name like that. loose some weight dude u r on camera for gods sake

Erica Spence says:

this fat ass needs to shut up and let dame talk. i know hes washed up and damn near broke but still. i dont want to hear that fat ass talk. let dame talk. thats why we are here

Buck Jones says:

Fuck this nigga all he does is talk over Kenyatta and disagree everytime Kenyatta agrees with him or tries to add to what he's saying by saying NO so he can keep running his dick sucker.

Don Shit says:

Jay not mad at Dame….he just waiting to see him hustle outta shit. Jay music is always gonna be inspired by Dame, Biggs and Emory. Even his rhetoric now speaks musically of a lot of the same ideas. The only thing I notice that makes the difference is that your business has to be streamlined. Dame really has the same star power as Jay but he just ain't a music star and he ain't got the doe but his creativity and innovation is outta here. Dame needs a partner though. He was riiiiight there with Currensy before shit went left. His talent is also focusing in on the artist to bring them to light but it has to be controlled or he'll have an idea for a new business next week and bet it all. He's a hustle addict. Too much of anything ain't good though. U gotta turn that profit until the business runs itself…he says that all the time fam. I wanna see him ball again but he might have to be more thankful to hip-hop for his successes in the past publicly for the people to support his new efforts. We bought into they squad but Jay seem like the only one that says thank you to hip-hop. That's probably why he still around. Dame just talk about how much Harlem streets did for him.

Moon Print says:

dame used to be one of my biggest role models but looking at other successful people is where i see he went wrong, you can't keep comparing the corporate world to the streets they are two different things, you can't expect a nerd to go by street rules, you can't disrespect people because if it was the streets you would of killed them that makes no sense and I'm sure he knows that was his downfall deep down, also another one of his points were that your not a boss if you don't put up your own money… a lot of these millionaires have never used there own money, you think mark zuckerberg used his own money for Facebook? he had investors, same as elon musk etc.. id rather have 40% of a billion pound company than 100% of a one million pound company. @kenyetta you should try broaden this guys mind and stop just agreeing with everything cause it gives a false narrative that many will believe if they don't know any better

Steve Cokely says:

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Dammahum Recording Studio says:

Real talk brothers

Jason Waterfalls says:

5:45 is such a strong point

bobby fischer says:

Dame taking up for ray lewis is dishonorable.Thought u was better than that.Hes no better than the culture vultures you talk about.and you vouch for him?Bad move bro

Meco Conley says:

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Sammy Tranks says:

Kenyatta, we fuck with you… We fuck with the platform… We fuck with your mind and your input.

But please my nixxa, can you stop tryna finish Dame sentences?? Please? It sounds like you not listening to learn, you just tryna respond.

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